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Name: James Riley
Location: Wilmington, DE
Thoughts on Community: "Communities are the collection of human beings that work together to do things that a single individual cannot do alone."
Passions: "I am passionate about stories, games, education, literature, economic equality, kindness, humor, music, and the arts."

Name: Jackie LeBatard
Location: Boston, MA
Thoughts on Community: "Communities are those places where a group of people can come together with common goals and make good things happen."
Passions: "National Service! It's a life-changing experience every young person should have."

Name: Paul Riley
Location: Medford, MA
Thoughts on Community: "Community is an association of people who recognize the inherent worth and true humanity of each other."
Passions: "Helping to celebrate the connections that exist between us all and remind people of their importance, in spite of all that separates us, is the joyful work I do."

Name: Claire P.
Location: Washington, D.C.
Thoughts on Community: "Communities are mini-worlds - groups of individuals coming together and providing for each other, either in tangible actions or in emotional strength."
Passions: "Criminal Justice - specifically the way the system is broken and skewed heavily towards affluent, privileged individuals."

Name: Kristina Kalolo
Location: Portland, ME
Thoughts on Community: "Community is a group of people that are tied together by a shared interest or commonality."
Passions: "Social justice, unconditional love, and radical acceptance.I believe in the quest and practice of kindness and compassion, for ourselves and for all sentient beings."

Name: Donna-Lee Hughes
Location: Boston, MA
Thoughts on Community: "Community is a group of humans who love each other and have unconditional positive regard."
Passions: "HUMANS. Community. Equality. Feminism. Empowering others. Finding your people and bringing them along with you. Making everyone feel the best version of themselves."

Name: Anthony Martino
Location: Louisville, KY
Thoughts on Community: "For me, community is the grouping of more than one person with a shared mutual respect for each other. People within communities don't have to agree with each other but shared goals keep communities alive and constructive."
Passions: "I love music and meeting new people. I love hearing stories that people love to tell."