Hey - Two Brothers Talking


September 28, 2019

Hey James,

It’s been a few months since either of us posted. You are continuing to send me the pictures of your “This Day in History” drawings, but I’ve failed to post them to this website. Neither of us has written to the other since the beginning of the summer. We had such a nice volley for a bit!

You mentioned that our letters were too long, so it felt like we had to create something thoughtful and meaningful each time we wrote. That carries a pressure that felt unnecessary. So let me simplify the challenge with a brief note.

Jackie and I got married last weekend. There is a lot that I want to write, but I will contain it to this memory: mom and dad sitting in rocking chairs on the porch in the afternoon sun, talking with our old friends Joey and Chris. Joey and Chris came from two different worlds (St. E’s and Elmira, respectively) but are the exact people I’d expect to spend time with our parents.

We know a lot of wonderful people and I wish we were all back on that porch again. But we only got there by having lots of seemingly uneventful days, so I will appreciate these ones as well.

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