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Long Monday – John Prine

September 29, 2019

I’m trying out a new writing project. Each day – or as often as I end up doing this – I will listen to one of the 4000+ songs on my iPod and write something about it or inspired by it. It could be a review of the song, a story from my life featuring that song, or a piece of fiction inspired by the song itself.

“Long Monday” by John Prine, from Fair & Square (2005)

When it comes to music, my dad and I don’t talk a lot about artists or songs. My musical taste was initially shaped by my mom through Saturday mornings cleaning the house, listening to Van Morrison, Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen. From there, I discovered more and newer artists through Y100, the local alternative station. Mom brought me and James to concerts and when we ran errands, she listened to those same artists I was discovering.

But sometimes my dad would share a little bit of himself through his musical tastes. When O Brother, Where Art Thou was released, he bought the soundtrack and blared it from his truck speakers that woke me earlier than I wanted on the weekends. He has an affinity for that lovely mix of Americana, bluegrass, and country – what I affectionately call ‘hillbilly music.’ I love those songs.

My dad gave me his copy of Fair & Square at some point in my college years. When I hear its songs, I think of him.

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